I have lived in Evesham for most of my life. I was originally a gymnast and trained at the Evesham leisure centre with Rachel. I left and came back to volunteer for D of E purposes but as I enjoyed teaching the children so much that I decided to become a coach myself. At the age of 16 I gained my Award scheme Coaching qualification and I then proceeded to train for my Level 1 general gymnastics coaching course which I then passed when I was 17.
“ seeing the children put all their force when running up to the vault and finally landing themselves, or walking on the beam without having to hold on to a coach, managing to get onto the bar without the coaches help, or doing the perfect forward roll feels great. Or the look of surprise on their face because they have finally reached their goal they have been working on for a long time and can’t believe they actually did it, that is the best part of being a coach.”

Elena Marshall